Thursday, January 15, 2009


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired a profound movement that united Americans from all walks of life. He was a leader in the effort to make our society more just. Today, we remember and honor his struggles and accomplishments during the civil rights movement.

Dr. King faced resistance, encountered threats and ultimately gave his life for the civil rights cause. By challenging our nation to live up to the ideals bestowed to us by the founding fathers, Dr. King instilled a new generation with hope that the American dream is available to all, and not limited by the color of your skin.

While we have made significant strides marching towards the Promised Land that Dr. King spoke of, the discrimination he fought against still exists today. On what would be his 80th birthday, let us all recognize the full depth of Dr. King's vision and recommit ourselves to establishing equality for all Americans. His legacy remains an inspiration to our nation and we must continue to honor his dream by working to dispel intolerance and social disparities wherever they arise.

Four decades have passed since Dr. King's untimely departure, but his work, his dream and his legacy continues to serve as an example for us all.