Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Each year on Memorial Day, we are reminded to take time to reflect on our soldiers and their sacrifice. We take this day not only to honor those who have served, or are serving, but also to grieve for those we have lost.

From our founding, America has been a nation hard won. We fought for our independence, we fought for the liberation of other countries from foreign dictators, and even today we face enemies that we must fight. In each case, it is inspiring to see the men and women that step forward to serve our common purpose to promote good and defend the land we love.

The level of sacrifice and commitment our soldiers show in the face of danger, I believe, is a remarkable thing. This is not something that is universal; it is something rare that should be appreciated and honored. We should take this day to try to nurture that same selfless commitment in our own lives.

In renewing our commitment to the troops we remind them that their cause is worthy, and their struggle noble. We should take time to consider what they are fighting for, and remember it is not all up to them.

In our support of then, we will work to secure better benefits for returning soldiers, families of military, and their children. We will continue to invest in better technology, training, and resources available to our troops, so that they may face our enemies with confidence. This unwavering support is a moral obligation that the United States government should always uphold to its’ troops; that every available resource or tool is at their disposal from deployment until their safe return home.

As important as it is to remember those fallen soldiers, it’s also important that we remember the veterans that return home. Many of these men and women come back injured, in need of work, or needing help to get the best education that they can for themselves and their children. Our duty to our troops does not end when they return home.

Memorial Day is just one day. I ask that you keep these men and women in your thoughts and prayers every day, and think of what you can do to honor their service and sacrifice. Keep in your hearts and minds the families and loved ones of those currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, that they may return home safely.

Most of all let the soldiers and their families know you care. This is the greatest commitment we can ask of anyone, and their families share that sacrifice. For that, we can never thank them enough, and wish them only the best.

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