Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Berry Unveils Report Showing 7 Million Seniors Will Hit Medicare Doughnut Hole

Today I joined several of my colleagues and the leading senior advocacy groups Campaign for America's Future and American's United to unveil a new report on the dangers of the Medicare Prescription Drug doughnut hole. The report shows that nearly 7 million seniors will hit the doughnut hole this year alone, forcing them to pay as much as $3,600 out-of-pocket for their prescription drugs. This will not only force seniors to scale back on critical medications, but put additional pressure on our pharmacists who have already paid out of their own pockets to provide prescription drugs for those who either lost coverage or fell through the cracks of the Administration's disastrous benefit.

We can solve this problem and completely eliminate the need for the doughnut hole if we just pass my bill the Medicare Drug Savings and Choice Act. This measure would allow the Secretary to negotiate for lower prices just like the VA does and save the government at least $40 billion a year. We know how to do this. We just need leaders in office who are willing to take this country in a new direction. There is no reason why we should let the pharmaceutical and insurance companies run this health care benefit instead of a government agency we have come to know and trust.

I encourage you to CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REPORT posted on Campaign for Americas Future's website. Feel free to also CLICK HERE TO READ MY PRESS RELEASE from today's press conference.