Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ford Motor Company Shifts Focus to Biofuels

Ford Motor Company, the first car manufacturer to produce a hybrid vehicle, announced today that it is shifting gears to place a greater emphasis on vehicles that run on fuels other than gaoline like E-85 - a mix of ethanol and gasoline.

The company will still produce hybrid vehicles, but they are more likely to be cars than trucks or sport utility vehicles. This move is a sign that American automakers are increasingly focused on the development of ethanol and other forms of biodiesel as a substitute for traditional gasoline.

William Clay Ford, Jr., the head of Ford Motor Company, said in his message to employees that instead of focusing so heavily on hybrids, the company instead plans to double the number of vehicles it makes that run on ethanol and other more environmentally friendly fuels like biodiesel. "Our strategy going forward is not to wed ourselves to a single technology, but to manage a more flexible approach to meet our goals for customer needs, environmental impact and shareholder interests."