Friday, June 02, 2006

Video: Walter Cronkite Discusses Problems and Solutions of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

Families USA released a great 14-minute video this week anchored by Walter Cronkite, exploring the problems with the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. Mr. Cronkite talks first-hand with retirees across the country about the troubles the new drug benefit has generated, from the headaches of sorting through dozens of plans to the financial tolls the program will take on so-called beneficiaries. A dedicated community pharmacist also shares his insights on the roll-out of Part D and knowledgeable consumer advocates analyze the politics at the core of the creation of the Medicare drug program.

The veteran journalist offers three key prescriptions: simplify the program by offering it though Medicare; allow Medicare to bargain for lower drug prices; and close the wide gap in coverage that is so expensive for seniors.

Click here to watch the video.