Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Senate Republicans Abandon Proposed $100 Gas Rebate

Senate Republicans learned the hard way just how frustrated Americans are with rising gas prices when constituents across the country called in to protest their proposed $100 gasoline rebate. Even House Majority Leader John Boehner criticized the proposal saying, "The really insulting part of this whole proposal was that somebody would offer $100 to every American family over this. That is not going to solve the problem." Senate leaders now admit the proposal is inadequate and are working on an energy package that will hopefully do more than cover a couple tanks of gas.

Meanwhile, my colleagues in the House just passed legislation that would ban gasoline price gouging and set penalties for any oil or gas company caught using deceptive tactics to reap excess profits. It is great to see both parties come together in the House to do something about our gas crisis, but it is only the beginning of what we must do to end America's addiction to oil.

Click here to read my press release on the price gouging bill.