Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Berry Introduces Biofuels Bill

After watching gas prices climb to an average of $2.92 a gallon this week, I introduced legislation that will help America transition from an oil-based economy to one that also relies on biofuels. My bill would require the Administration to develop an action plan for America to obtain a certain percentage of its ground fuel from biobased sources.

We cannot solve today's gas crisis without a serious investment in the fuels of tomorrow. We have an abundance of resources in rural America. We just need the federal government to help our farmers turn these crops into an affordable fuel source. My bill demands action from the Administration and sets clear, long-term goals. It would direct the Administration's Biomass Research and Development Board to prepare a biobased fuel action plan within one year of enactment. The detailed plan must ensure that by 2016 at least 10% of the country's ground transportation fuel supply comes from biobased sources and that by 2021 at least 20% comes from biobased sources.

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