Friday, June 05, 2009

D-Day: A Time to Remember our Veterans

Sixty-five years ago today in the early morning darkness, a legendary coalition of Allied forces were on a mission to liberate France from Nazi Germany in World War II. Young men from a diverse group of backgrounds joined together as one to fight for a common cause.

As these men battled through enemy fire by land, by air and by sea, the D-Day invasion became known as one of the most daring operations in military history. These brave troops and their leaders knew if they were successful, this attack could create a turning point in World War II and determine the fate of Europe and the world for generations. The courageous soldiers who faced virtually impossible odds were triumphant, and because of their success, they changed the course of history.

Today, we salute the brave veterans of the D-Day invasion, whose tremendous courage remains an inspiration to us. We also honor and pay tribute to all of the Allied forces who gave their lives. In addition, let us continue to remember and pray for those who are currently defending our freedom overseas and their families who await their safe return home. From the Greatest Generation of solders to those serving today – all of them are heroes.