Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thoughts on the Foley Scandal

The revolting accusations involving former representative Mark Foley and his inappropriate relationship with teenage boys in the congressional page program demand immediate investigation by the FBI. We must ensure that our elected leaders not only uphold the best interest of this nation, but also the personal safety of every student who travels to Washington to participate in our democratic system. Soliciting sex from a minor online is a federal crime. The FBI must investigate and prosecute any individual who breaks this law, especially a member elected to the U.S. Congress.

In addition to a full federal investigation, Congress has a responsibility to review the way House Republican Leaders handled this terrible scandal. The American people deserve to know why Republican leaders hid this problem for up to a year in what appears to be an attempt at holding on to a Congressional seat through the election. We cannot expect the American people to have faith in this institution when the majority party puts politics before the safety of innocent children. I hope the Ethics Committee takes this situation very seriously and conducts a full investigation into the Republican Leadership’s cover-up of the Foley scandal. We must protect the integrity of this institution by punishing anyone who breaks the law.