Friday, April 07, 2006

FY07 Budget Vote Postponed

Last night, the House was scheduled to vote on the Republican-backed Budget Resolution for FY2007. But, as debate proceeded, support was weaker than they had anticipated, so the vote was postponed until after the Spring District Work Period. The House Majority cannot agree on the priorities in the Budget.
"Despite strong economic growth and robust increases in federal tax receipts, the budget deficit is expected to reach about $370 billion this year, near a record high. With their leaders still loath to raise taxes, Republican conservatives are demanding deeper spending cuts to bring the deficit under control, but GOP moderates say the cuts to domestic programs, especially in education and health care, have gone far enough." (April 7, 2006, Washington Post)

As a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, I support a plan to pay down the growing national debt and passing a balanced budget. Last year, we unveiled a 12-Step Reform Plan as an alternative to the out of control Republican Budget. It calls for a balanced budget, strict spending caps, a return to pay-as-you-go rules, the establishment of a rainy day fund, and justificiation for earmarks.
  1. Require a balanced Budget
  2. Don't let Congress buy on credit - Pay As You Go
  3. Put a lid on spending
  4. Require federal agencies to put their fiscal houses in order
  5. Make Congress tell taxpayers how much they're spending
  6. Set aside a rainy-day fund
  7. Don't hide votes to raise the debt limit
  8. Justify spending for pet projects
  9. Ensure that Congress reads the bills it's voting on
  10. Require honest cost estimates for every bill that Congress votes on
  11. Make sure new bills fit the budget
  12. Make Congress do a better job keeping tabs on government programs